Date Calculator Online

Use Date calculator to add or subtract time duration from any date. Also, you can calculate how many days between dates using this online tool.

About Date Calculator

Our tool makes your date calculation very easier as well as fast. Simply fill the date, duration, and choose whether to add or subtract. It takes less than a second for our online date calculation tool to show results.

Date Calculator Online - How many days between dates?

Have you ever stuck to adding or subtracting time from a date? Also, it's easy to do calculations for one day, week, or even month. What about if you encounter situations like what is the exact date after 45 days from the 1st of August, 2020? A genius might say the answer after thinking for a few seconds. But is he or she is absolutely correct? May be yes or no.

Also, it is the case of genius. What about us who don't want to waste our time in these things. Do you know? We are super genius! Because without wasting any further time we just switch on the Internet on our handy device and use the Date Calculator.

Enter the first date then select the duration which is 45 days in this case. Also, we want to find the date after 45 days. Hence, we will select an "Add Time Duration". Lastly, press "Calculate" and see the resultant date. Simple, fast, and accurate. Now, tell me who is more genius and smart?

Calculate Days between Dates

Do you want to find out how old are you? or Do you wish to know the time duration between two dates? Our online tool easily calculates days between two dates. Whether the date may be from the past or future. It doesn't matter for the tool. Whatever be your requirement we'll complete all of them.


Date Calculator has a lot of magnificent features which makes it the best tool for online date calculation. Here are some of the major features.

  • Simple Use: The user experience is very simplified in order to make the process a piece of cake. Just few steps process and click "Calculate". That's it.
  • Fast: The small anecdote mentioned above perfectly describes how seamless and fast is the date calculation done using the Date Calculator. It's a hundred times faster than manual calculation. Also, I don't find any reason to lift the pen and start doing the calculation when you are getting this awesome tool.
  • Accurate: Humans can make mistakes, but our tool is like a God. The online calculator is developed with pre-defined algorithms. Every time it goes through the same mechanism. Hence, you can't expect it to produce wrong results.
  • Multiple Operations: You can add time duration, subtract time duration, or subtract date. So, one tool supports different operations. You can do all the things related to date here itself.
  • Multiple Date Formats: Choose between your favorite date format. The tools provide two date formats DD/MM/YYY and MM/DD/YYYY.

How to use Date Calculator?

Firstly, you need an active internet connection, smart device, and a browser. When you have all these things ready then you are all set to go. Open the Date Calculator on your browser.

There are five simple steps that you need to follow.

  1. Select Date Format
  2. Enter First/Start Date
  3. Choose Operation
  4. Enter Time Duration or Date
  5. Calculate Date

Now let's understand above all steps one by one.

1. Select Date Format

First of all, select the date format you prefer. Choose between DD/MM/YYY and MM/DD/YYYY.

Select Date Format
2. Enter First/Start Date

Fill the first date section. Use the drop-down menu to enter month and day. For the year field, you need to use the keyboard to enter the value.

Enter Start Date
3. Choose Operation

In this step, you have to choose the operation you want to perform. There are three types of operation that our tool perform. Add or Subtract Time Duration, and Subtract Date. So, choose anyone as per your need.

Add, Subtract, Time, Date Calculator
4. Enter Time Duration or Date

Now if you select Add or Subtract time duration then you have to enter the time duration that you want to add and subtract. Also, there are four options to add it. Years, Months, Weeks, and Days. So, you can enter any values in these four fields.

Enter Time Duration

In case if you want to find how many days between two dates then you can select "Subtract Date" operation. In addition, when you choose this option then suddenly the time duration section will replace with "End Date". So, now you have to fill the date to be subtracted to find days between dates.

End Date
5. Calculate Date

Once verify your input data then click on the "Calculate" button. As a result, you can see the final output below.

Calculate Date

Lastly, you can press "Reset" for new calculation.

Efficient and Productive use of Date Calculator

If used efficiently and productively, this simple calculator can be very much valuable and advantageous for you. Let's look over some examples in which way you can get benefits of Date Calculator.

1. Exam Preparation

The tool can be very handy for the students preparing for exams. Easily find the days left in your hand. This will help you in making your strategies. Even more, you can do proper planning using this app and execute them to get better exam results.

2. EMI and Rent Management

From now you'll never miss your EMI or rent. Because it will help you to calculate the date of the next payment beforehand. This way you will have an idea about the next date. Accordingly, you will start saving money to pay the EMI or rent. This is a great way to save yourself from last-minute hurdles. Consequently, it will also terminate extra charges.

3. Medical Assistance

Use this tool as a medicine or health planner. Also, it helps you to find an accurate time duration between dates within seconds. Accordingly, plan your medicine intake and schedule health check-ups.

4. Business Management

This simple and light-weight calculator can give a big contribution to your business. Every businessman knows that there's a huge importance of dates. Schedule your meetings, salaries, events, and much more using our online application. Accuracy is the key here. You can't take the risk of scheduling at the wrong dates. So, it is highly recommended to use this tool for business management.

5. Personal Life

I don't have a business, nor I take any medicine, nor I am preparing for exams, and not even I have to pay any sort of rent. So, is this calc useful for me? Absolutely yes. There can't be a situation in which you don't need to do some kind of days calculation. Like to count the days remaining on your mom's birthday or for your next anniversary. Similarly, you may encounter any situation which requires you to calculate days between dates.


Till now, you have known all the things about the Date Calculator. Even more, we have discussed its uses, advantages, procedure, and features. Above all things altogether make our tool the best online resource. Furthermore, it's absolutely free and easy to use.